Sandralyn Faust
Sandra is a pet owner of horses, dogs and cats.  She grew up overseas and was placed on a
horse at the ripe old age of two.  Her grandfather, who was an accomplished polo rider and
jumper, taught Sandra all about horses and she was able to interact with many other sorts of
animals on his Jamaican ranch.

Sandra's mother, who was also an excellent rider and wrote the book "The Horse
Dictionary", by Vivienne Eby, taught her daughter to be kind and gentle to animals.  
Growing up Sandra had the opportunity to own mice, hamsters, birds, cats, dogs and horses.

During her adult life, she has been able to pass on the love of animals to her four children
and has an experienced rider and trainer in the family as a result.  Besides her experiences
and advise from vets and friends, Sandra has educated herself by the use of books, videos
and classes in the different facets of animal care and communication.  (Sandra graduated,
February 2005, from a "veterinary assistant" course.  Also attended natural hoof clinic,
January 2006 by Pete Ramey).  November 2007 attended pet CPR/First aid class.  
June 2010 - Dog Care/Dog Obedience/training course.
What has your experience helped you to do?

It's helped me to help others.  Just the other day I was driving down the road and I noticed that a group of people had gathered around,
what appeared to be, a down horse.  The horse had evidently lain down to roll and had its feet wedged underneath the fence.  Unable to get
up, the owner (who was almost in tears) was trying to drag this 1500 lb horse out by the neck, to no avail.  I suggested to flip the horse over
so he could get up.  In seconds the horse was flipped, up, sound and galloped off with delight.  No thanks was needed, but I received the
same from the owners tears that had turned from great concern, to utter relief, and the horse who ran back to the fence, to catch my eye
and stare at me for an instant, before he galloped off with his friends.

Another horse we saved was while I was visiting my brother in Austin.  We drove by this horse in the field and noticed she wasn't moving.  
Strange I thought.  3 hours later, on our return, she was still there.  We stopped and looked and noticed there was barb wire between her
back legs under her crutch.  After many attempts to find the owner, we were told that the owner lives a long way off and no one had his
number.  My brother and I decided we had to help.  We climbed thru the fencing with our wire cutters and talking quietly to the horse (she
didn't move - she knew we were there to help - smart horse).  The wire was soon cut and she was able to walk calmly out of it.  No cuts at
all - amazing.

I've saved injured backyard birds and released them back into the wild.  I've been able to save a foundered horse by wrapping his feet,
daily, for two years and he's now a useful trail horse.  An almost drowned dog, who was in shock and freezing, was nurtured back to health.  
An old dog, who passed out from heat exhaustion, was saved with an hour of water therapy.  A horse, that received a three-inch hole from
a cow horn, received 15 minutes of water cleansing, twice a day with the administration of ointment and antibiotics for about two months.  
There are so many animals that my life has touched and they me, that I could sit here all day.  They have definitely enriched my life.

Some people say that pets don't have feelings.  What do you think?

I'd have to say to that person - buy a pet and enjoy the animal world.  I've watched a neighbor's mare cry, with tears running down her
face, as she searched from stall to stall, looking for her one week old baby, who had died from naval infection.  I've observed too many
animal's communication with not only each other but to people, that I would have to say, YES animals feel sad, scared, stressed, jealous,
thus the need for a loving pet sitter who can care for the pet while the owner is away.  Most pet owners realize this, thus the reason for
their concern.

What would you say is the down side of owning a pet?

I would have to say, the loss of your faithful companion.  That can be devastating.  So when such an occasion befalls a person, one has to
dwell on the positive and not the negative and be happy for all the wonderful times that you were able to share with your loving
 For instance I lost Mike in March of 2018 shown above right.   He was a great family horse and had taught my kids and other
horses.   He died at 28 and was in the family since he was 3.  Great loss and much heart breaking, but I remember all the great times we
had together and am thankful for the time I had with him.

Why did you become a pet sitter?

Being a pet owner myself, I realize what a worry and concern pets can cause for their owners.  A lot of owners forgo taking trips because
they don't have anyone to watch their pets.  So I asked myself, what could I do, that I love to do, that would help such persons and their
pets.  My experience not only with animals, but having come out of the business world has provided me with the organization and
administration skills to run and keep-up with all the facets of this business.
Two babies, making friends