Vacation Pet Nanny Inc. is a professional pet sitting service.   All our Nannies are bonded and insured for your
protection.   Our nannies are mature loving pet owners and experienced pet sitters, who enjoy all kinds of
different animals with their different personalities, inquisitiveness and playfulness.


House Pets

Nanny spends an average of 20-30 minutes exercising (walks, ball playing, frisbee), playing with your pet, putting
out fresh food and water, scooping the litter box, brushing and talking to your pet.   Rubbing him in those favorite
areas.  Also included is retrieving mail, taking out trash bins, watering inside plants, (special care of older dogs,
meds administered, diapered, cleaning messes), alternating lights, water/pool activity, lazer light play.

Daily Dog Walks/or Backyard Let out (play-time), (continuous weekdays)

A daily walk for your dog while you are away is very beneficial for their heart,  reduction of weight gain, as well as
an antidepressant.  Also to be able to relieve themselves in 4-6 hours, rather than trying to hold it until you come
home (9-12 hours) is not only a stress reliever, kidney protector, but well being for your dog.  You will find a much
happier and potentially, healthier dog when you get home at night.  Of course it also prevents messes in the
house.  Another benefit is they get tired and sleep when nanny leaves, which prevents mischief and chewing.


Please note that most, if not all horse jobs will be handled by the owner of Vacation Pet Nanny Inc, or her
daughter, as both are horse owners and are well aware of problems that can occur, (such as colic, foundering,
abscesses, sneaky gate openers, etc., and the normal care of an equine.)   Michelle Theis and her sister Pam
McVay have also completed some horse assignments.  Included care as requested:  feeding, stall cleaning,
brushing, hoof picking, blanketing, moving from field to barn and visa versa, medication.

House check visits (Also included with pet visits)

Nanny will visit your home to make sure all is secure.   Pick up mail, take out garbage, alternate lights, answer
messages, water inside plants, (giving the house that lived-in look).  Extra charge if outside yard/plants/pots are
to be watered - see rate sheet.

Private dog kennel

See info on country kennel click here


Upon request of our services you will be assigned a Nanny, who will call you and set up a time to meet with you
and your pet to discuss care and sign necessary paperwork. (Free initial meet/greet visit).  (If additional
acquaintance visits are required, a charge of $20.00 will be applied per visit)  Full payment for services will be
collected at this time.  If services are cancelled before requested visits start, a  single visit fee (cancellation fee)
will be retained by VPN, with the balanced monies being refunded to client, or credited to your account (your
choice).  If you return early and haven't informed nanny, visit fees will be applied until nanny or VPN have been
Please complete the form under the "book your nanny or request nanny" page and submit.

If you have any questions feel free to call (469-223-2697) or email:  Vacationpetnanny@yahoo.com


In case of an emergency/sickness in regards to your nanny, "no worries", there will be several backup
nannies that would be able to care for your pet, including myself or my husband.  This is the reason for
2 keys needed or use of a lockbox.