Names have been changed to
protect client's privacy
Sid, we'll call this dog, was a playful lab and enjoyed being rubbed and played with.  One day Nanny
decided to play hide and seek with Sid, which he loved.  Sid used all his available senses, while Nanny
stood dead still in the middle of the open yard.  He cocked his head to listen, smelled the air to get a whiff
of Nanny and finally caught the scent and off he went straight for Nanny.  Sometimes if Nanny was
down-wind she would have to move her feet a little so he could hear her and off he went again, toward
her.  However, sometimes Nanny would play a trick on Sid, and step aside and Sid would just pass her
by and wonder, "Where did she go?"   For you see Sid was Blind and was using his other senses to seek
and find, which he did very well.  What an amazing dog.....
We'll call this cutie, Pinchy.  She is an amazing animal and lives in the backyard
tree.  One day while Nanny was collecting the feed bowls, Pinchy ran down the
tree and straight toward Nanny, which surprised Nanny.  She didn't know
whether to pet the animal or leave her alone.  Nanny finally discovered Pinchy's
curiosity when Pinchy tried to grab Nanny's keys.  Amazingly the Raccoon, for
this is what Pinchy was, stood up on her hind legs, grabbed Nanny's finger
instead and stared into Nanny's eyes for what seemed a frozen segment of time.  
Was Nanny delighted and amazed?  Yes.  There have been other episodes with
this amazing creature, when Pinchy was found in the client's bed or when she
decided to go on an adventure for two weeks and had everyone worried.
Horses are wonderful creatures.  Lets call this guy Matt.  Matt was among several horses that Nanny had to care for one week.  She soon realized that Matt's belly was
growing and after careful inspection discovered that Matt had an abscess from fly infestation.  Nanny applied fly spray, as the vet suggested, but in two days the abscess had
grown to a 6x9 inch growth.  What to do?  Nanny decided to call the vet after calls to the owner ended in vain.  Oh no, the vet couldn't visit for a couple of days.  Nanny
decided not to wait, but started water therapy and Furozone ointment.  Remarkably, the next day the abscess was half the size and Nanny was able to cancel the vet.  Upon
the client's return, Matt was his old self and the abscess was gone. Thank goodness for experience.
Nanny has cared for Matt again since his abscess episode and found him to be a very energetic and friendly horse who ran across the field with Nanny.  Nanny was glad to
see him feeling better.
Another short story about
Pinchy.  This story was
related to Nanny by
Pinchy's owner.  Thank
goodness it didn't happen
on Nanny's watch.  The
owner turned toward alot of
noise going on in the kitchen
and found that Pinchy had
been into the drawers again,
had taken the superglue and
had her fingers glued
together.  Poor thing.  
Pinchy was soon taken to
the faucet where much
scrubbing occurred until
Pinchy was able to use her
fingers once again.  What a
A Donkey story.  Donkey lived with a mare horse on a ranch with several horses.  When Nanny came to feed one day, there was donkey in amongst several horses, the gate
was down and one of the lines in the fence broken.  So much work was to be done.  Putting back the gate, which hinges didn't fit, and so had to use wire.  Putting up a make
shift wire in the fence.  Soon everyone was back in their own paddocks and Nanny returned to the barn.  She peaked out again to see if donkey was staying in his paddock.  
NO..    there he was again.  How did he do it.  Soon Nanny discovered he was pushing up her make shift wiring in the fence and crawling underneath.  Tricky little thing.  
More mending on the fence to be done.  Thankfully the fence was fixed well enough that donkey stayed put, but not without breaking the wiring on the gate and trying to push
that back down.  Nanny caught that in time.   What a week.....    There was also the visit with Pinch (the raccoon) who tried to flush a plastic garbage bag down the toilet.  
Entry: (4/15/2004)  Life has been busy with the different pets to care for, family life as well as my vet assistant courses that I am taking.  Dogs, cats, and horses have been the
norm, but I have had the opportunity to care for llammas and next month a pot belly pig, who thinks she is a dog and came in the doggie door to say hello to me during my
interview visit.  Too cool.....

Our latest challenge has been a puppy, 5 weeks old, that my daughter brought home.  We soon discovered that it was a sick puppy and, vomiting and diar...  and rushed it to
the vet.  He informed us that it was full with worms.  After the vet's deworming and the puppy spending the night at the vet, we brought her home, but she was still vomiting.  
Instead of taking her to the vet to stay in a cage by herself, I decided to put my knowledge to work.  She wasn't eating or what to do........       I started with
1/2 tblspn of peptobismal and then started cyringing peadialite and baby food into the puppies mouth, which she swallowed reluctantly.  Success - no vomiting.  I proceeded
with this routine every couple of hours and then put her to bed.  The next morning - relief she was drinking and eating on her own.  Today, two days later, she is still weak,
but is eating and walking around outside.  The worms have mostly passed and now her plumpness, which were obviously worms, is gone and she is skin and bone.  Hopefully
in a few weeks, she WILL be plump and a merry little girl.   I even saw a little skipping out of her this am.  So ends a happy story...
4/27/2004.  Puppy has doubled her weight and has turned into a little ball of play.
Here are some happy shelties (4 of 16 dogs) that I took care of while the owner/breeder was away
at a show.  They are beautiful dogs.  The 7 puppies were very excited and didn't like to stay in their
pens.  Nanny had to figure out which ones went where.  One little fellow particularly, liked to be with
the big dogs and only took a few minutes before he was out and about.  However, all stayed in the
main fenced area, which of course was a relief to Nanny who took a head count every day.
Summer has been busy with new customers coming on board as well as many return customers
(which I appreciate)  (Thank you).  The ranch kennel and stables are being used and the visiting
friends always enjoy their stay.
This year has been busy and all the nannies have been gaining lots of experience with different pets.  Several new customers have joined us also and we've enjoyed taking
care of their pets.  I hope to add a "pet page" for all to view the different pets.
3/20/06:  Time flies when you're having fun.  All the lab puppies are gone and mommy lab has gained her weight and is looking good.  I just returned from a well earned
vacation to Hawaii and am ready for the upturn of jobs that usually occur in April.  I left the business in Lorraine's hands while I was gone, and she did an excellent job.  I
have been very fortunate to have such hardworking, honest and reliable staff.  We have been keeping busy with old and new customers.  I sat for a couple of new cats a
month or so ago;  who thought they were guard dogs and would attack my legs, if I ventured further then the kitchen.  I think now, however, after several repeat visits, they
are getting used to the new stranger, and now sprawl on the floor for rubs.
6/13/07:   Wow it's been a while since I have commented here.  Alot of new clients have joined us and many many repeat customers.  New pictures can be seen on the
picture pages  and it looks like I will have to add another page.  I've had the pleasure of taking care of the therapy zoo several times.  Summer is upon us and it is getting
hot.  Don't forget to give those outside dogs plenty of cool water, shade and a pool or bring them inside.  Flies are abundant - fly predators help alot along with fly spray for
horses.  Watch the ears on the dogs - flies love to chew those tender ears.  
8/2/07:  The kennel has been used again and we had the two little lassos visit us for a week, seen on picture page.  Also I've been caring for the diabetic cat,  giving her insulin shots
regularly.  We've had an unusual mild summer this year because of all the rain, which helps the nannies who have to work outside.  My Frisco nannies are being kept busy and several
new customers have come on board over there.  Allana is being kept busy with her weekly customer in Farmersville and Lorraine did a great job taking care of the office and several
jobs while I was vacationing in Colorado.  A well earned trip and it was wonderful.  I went to a ranch resort.  Rode horses every day in the mountains.  Its quite amazing how one gets
in tune with the animals and one learns the body language that the animals use.  Its fun....  
11/12/07  Still enjoying the pets and the regulars.  Renovated kennel is being used more now since adding carpet and airconditioning.  I'm in the process of expanding the grass area for more
outside room and the kennel is already booked thru January 2008.   Thanksgiving was busy, but didn't take on more than we could handle.  I did turn away several people as I believe in
giving the pets enough time for each visit and not rush thru the visit because of accepting too many.  I enjoyed taking a pet CPR class last month and even though it is good to know, hope that
I will never have to use it.
6/5/08 - Rescued kittens to the right.  
Fortunately one of my customers has
offered them a home and so they will all
be taken care of.  I found them in the
street where someone had dumped them.
2/27/09 - I'm happy to say that we have a new member of the nanny family -
my husband who has taken earlier retirement to join us.  He has been enjoying
the different animals and loves to take the dogs for walks.  
The new renovated kennel with expanded grass area and insulation is working
out well.
2/27/09 cont - Our Frisco nanny Priscilla has been caring for several families, and the customers seem to think
she is wonderful - which is nice to hear.  Our nannies, Courtney and Veronica who cared for the Frisco area,
and moved away a couple of years ago, are returning to us in a few months and so Frisco will be well covered.  
It will be nice to have them back.
4/27/09:  Summer is soon to be upon us and bookings are being taken for June already.  Customers want to make sure they have their nanny scheduled.  The Turner girls are
now back and anxious to get back in the swing. We have now added fencing around the house, which gives the kennel dogs some running time in about an acre.  Several new
customers have come on board either through the internet or word of mouth (which is always nice).
8/20/10:  WOW - its been a while since I've chatted.  Time flys when you are having fun.  Several new customers have come on board in the past year, including those using the kennel.  
Sadly we have had a few old customers move away and we will miss caring for their pets.  Summer this year has been a trial and the heat has been affecting everyone.  We have been
careful not to get those dogs on walks too hot and for those kept outside, plenty of shade, cool pool and water activity as well as ice in their drinking water - which they appreciate.  The
country kennel has been used several times this year and the icy airconditioner works well.  Usually the dogs stay inside most of the day in this heat.  Can't wait until fall.  I finished my
Dog obedience/dog care course and picked up a alot of good points (some of which I have added to the website for everyone).
3/22/11:  Sadly, we have to say goodby to our Frisco nanny "Priscilla", due to family responsibilities.  I will miss her hard work and wish her well.  Fortunately we have Courtney and
Spring has sprung, and the flowers are budding along with allergies.  The winds have been high lately which makes for bad allergies.  Next will come April showers and then the hot
summer. The kennel was used in January and February by one of our Princeton customers who had to move and find a new house in Arizona before relocating the dogs.  They are now
living in Arizona.  Allana (their nanny) will miss them.
8/16/11:  I was interviewing a new customer yesterday.  As we conversed about her pregnant boxer, we realized the boxer was in labor and much to our delight witnessed a birth.  I soon
left thereafter, but was informed that 8 more were born.  (See picture page).  How exciting.
11/26/11:  Winter is close at hand and along with it rain (yeh...) and cold (yuk).   This year the following nannies have been added:  Patricia Eaton (my oldest daughter), Dianne Shumway,
Chantela Saunders (who are friends that I have known for a long time.  All have been doing well with their assignments and have kept in contact with me as they go along, which of course
makes me relaxed knowing everything is taken care of.  Jennifer Baker has given us a good hint (using text messaging with the customer instead of leaving notes, so that the customer is aware
of our activities as we go along).  I think it is a great idea and the customers appreciate the input.  I've used it for several.  Of course the customer has to have text messaging ability.  I have
also been sending pictures and videos along with the texting, which they love to see also.
June 2012:  Well the new way of communicating with the customers (sending texts, pics and videos) has been a great success and everyone loves the instant feed back and the ability to see how their pets
are doing.  
The heat is upon us again, so don't forget to bring those pets inside when possible or atleast give them ice water to drink or a nice pool to cool off in.
Many new customers have signed up and we have been enjoying the new pets, as well as all the regular customers.   I am going to put a natural recipe on the tip section for fungus on horse's frogs/soles,
instead of using bleach (which is pretty strong) or iodine.
Feb 2013.  Here it is another year.  We are in our 10th year and still enjoying all the different pets.  Some customers have been with us from the beginning and many have moved away.  There are
alot of new families coming on board and we've enjoyed having them.  Spring is almost upon us and I can't wait for better weather, grass to turn green and flowers to come out.  The dogs always
enjoy their walks when it's nice.  We had a couple of snow periods this winter and of course it had to come during the holidays, (busy days).  It took me 13 hours to complete my assignments as
driving 10-15 miles an hour was the norm during that time.  But everyone was reached and taken care of, as usual.  I wanted to let everyone know that there is a good "pet cpr" app for the phones
which gives pictures of different emergency situations on dogs, (drowning, seizures, heart failure, cuts, etc).  I strong recommend buying for a couple of dollars.
  Jennifer and Chantela are no longer with us as pet sitters, but are pursuing other activities.  Cheryll Thomas has come on board and is enjoying the pet sitting.  Lorraine has increased her care of pets, as
she is a stay at home Mom and is able to leave the baby with Dad, while she visits the pets in the evenings and weekends.  (We have quite a few clients where we share the job - which works out well)  
She also has a few clients that stay at her house, which she has been enjoying and the dogs seem to love the home atmosphere.  We will be losing Tricia soon, as she and her family are heading to Costa
Rica to engage in ministry work.  We will miss her.  
July 2014:   Well I'm in my 11th year of pet sitting now.   Sprained my foot about a month ago and finally off crutches and walking slowly.   Lorraine and hubby have helped alot around the house, as well as
with clients and I'm thankful for that.   Just a reminder to all to keep your pets drinking water cool and out of the sun and if at all possible keep the pets inside.   Overheating can be dangerous, especially with
over 100 degree weather.  This is especially true for short snout dogs like pugs.  I'm going to put some more poisons and Poison control no on the tip page.   Check it out.
Unreal that it is 2016 already.   Several of my nannies have left the pet sitting business to pursue other areas.   The Turner girls in Frisco started their own baking business
and are doing well.  Debbie Calverly has moved, Allana is driving a school bus and concentrating on her ministry and Tonia got married.   Lorraine has started her own pet
business but we have an agreement to work for each other when needed which is working out well.   
At home we have a new addition.  Gent who is 6months old colt and I've been working with him.  (He was born here in my barn in April)   He will be a tall one so I hope
he turns out to be gentle and kind and obedient.   We will see.   Had my vacation in Florida (Destin) this year.   I'm glad I'm not there now with Hurricane Mathew
pounding the coast.  Winter is around the corner.   Weather man says it won't be as wet as last year.  hmmm????   
July 2017.   Just returned from Colorado and family reunion.   It was nice seeing everyone after several years and enjoying the cool weather.   Now that I have passed
several of my customers to Lorraine to get her business going, life is a little less busy which gives me a chance to relax, work with my horses and garden.   Of course the
pet sitting is keeping me busy as well and I have 6-7 nannies still working for me which makes it nice when I want to take a trip etc.   
I have shrunk the grass area for the kennel as I needed the fencing for my round pen, but it still has 12 feet of grass for defacating etc., and of course the dogs get their run
time outside the kennel in the 1 acre around house, twice a day.
.....Before I sign off, here is a reminder to keep dogs inside during these hot days, as they can easily overheat especially the flat nosed dogs.   Also change water daily as
they won't drink if hot.   Spraying down the horses midday or afternoon also helps with the heat.
March 2018:   We have overhauled our private kennel and it is looking good.   I've even had comments that it looks good enough for a person to move in.   You can see
what it looks like now on the kennel page.
At home we have had a sad week as I had to put my horse down who had been in the family for 26 years.   I've been trying to keep busy so I won't dwell, but I do like
to think of all the good times we had together.   My heart literally weeps for my faithful friend and I can surely relate to those who have lost their pet friends.  He was a big
part of our lives and was a steady influence for my kids, grandkids and several horses.
We have also had a couple of customers that have lost their pets, and my heart goes out to them.   One never knows what an impact a pet can have on our lives until they
are no longer present.
On to better thoughts.   I'm looking forward to visitors in the renewed kennel and look forward to new customers coming on board.