Upon my return, I find my pets well taken
care of, calm and happy and the house in
order.  Several of my pets require
medication and this has always been given
as requested.  I am most pleased with the
services provided by VPN and highly
recommend them.
Thank you.  This made our trip much more
enjoyable.  We have already recommended
you to our family members.
I'm delighted to finally find a pet care
business that is professional, caring,
responsible and delight to work with.
We were most pleased when we
returned to find two calm dogs who
had obviously received more
attention than they sometimes get
from us.
I'm so glad we met you.  Our animals are
.......seemed happy when I got home, so they must
have fun with you.
I enjoyed being able to go some place
without worrying about the horses.  Thank
you so much for taking such good care of
I enlisted VPN for the care of my six horses, a donkey, and three cats.  Sandra
was very conscientious in her care of our animals.  Everything was in great
shape when I returned.  Not only did it appear that she had carefully followed
my instructions, but she also displayed good judgement in dealing with an issue
that arose.  One of my geldings had an abscess show up on his abdomen the
day before I left.  It got much worse during the time we were gone.  Sandra
displayed good knowledge of horse care and handled the situation very well.  
As a matter of fact, by the time I got back it was completely resolved.
I highly recommend Vacation Pet Nanny Inc.
Ms. Faust has shown consistent quality
work.  She adapted quickly to the unusual
requirements in caring for my
racoons.............I am very impressed with
Ms. Faust's professionalism and
dependability.  She seems to genuinely care
for them and makes sure they are happy
and healthy.
Sandra went above and beyond.  
we have a difficult dog and cat.  
She won over the dog.......... we
will definitely use her in the
future.  I was never concerned for
their care, just missed them
I can't begin to tell you how pleased
we are with VPN.  Your service is a
wonderful alternative to boarding
our animals at the vet.  Your nanny
did a more than terrific job with our
dogs.  When we arrived home late
on Sunday, .........., ...... and .............
were relaxed and well taken care
of.  Thanks to your service we are
no longer apprehensive about
Thank you for taking care of our
kitties on such short notice.  They
were both obviously content and
happy when we returned.  Its
wonderful knowing they are in good
hands when we are gone.
We both think Lorraine is
just wonderful.  We really
enjoyed meeting her and
feel very comfortable with
trusting our home and our
pets to her.  Thanks for the
great service.
Using the services of Vacation Pet
Nanny have allowed my husband and
I to go on vacations and out of town
trips with peace of mind.  I would
recommend their services to anyone
who truly cares about their pets
welfare while they are away.
Michelle K, Mckinney, Tx
For anyone who might be interested in having a dependable, loving and caring person take care of
their friends (pets) and oversee that their home remains as they left it, I highly recommend "Vacation
Pet Nanny Inc".  It is so wonderful to know that your pets are safe and happy at home while you are
away, business, vacation or whatever takes you from home.  I have used Sandralyn and/or her staff
for approximately 5 years.  When we had our horses at home she did an excellent job of caring for
them, even doing more than I expected.  Now she still sits for our older Border Collie mix Matti, and
Sammie, our house cat.
Debbie Higgins, Allen, Tx
Our dogs have enjoyed the Pet Nanny's vacation
kennel for several years.  They are as excited to get
to the Pet Nanny's country kennel as they are when
we arrive to pick them up!  It is really a 'vacation' for
them with the horses, fresh air, open space, and of
course the Pet Nanny's attention.  They love it!!
Cindy Dixon
I just wanted to thank you for your services
and for Patti Villegas.  She did a fantastic
job taking care of our two cats over these
past couple of months.  We looked forward
to her notes she would leave us.  It was so
comforting to know we could depend on
her.  She is a wonderful person.  We will
definitely be using your services in the
future..     Thanks again.         The J. Family
I have been enjoying the services of Vacation
Pet Nanny Inc since 2004.  With 3 dogs and
long workdays, I know that with their 'once a
day' visit from Sandra they are enjoying some
extra pampering along with their basic needs.  
I don't have to rush home after work to let the
dogs out, or feel 'guilty' when I need to work
The experience and dependability of Vacation
Pet Nanny is tops compared to many services I
have used in other cities.  Since 2004, neither
Sandra nor one of her other Pet nannies has
ever missed a requested visit.  I can't say
enough about the experience and extra
attention to detail that comes with their
services.  I am kept up to date on any unusual
behavior or health issues of each dog, and
many times this has helped me to identify
problems before I might have observed them.
My dogs are my children and it's nice to be
able to know that they are well taken care
of......   Thanks! from Tux, Emily and Mandy.
Pat, Mckinney, Tx
I received a glowing
recommendation about Sandralyn
and VPN from another very
satisfied client and have been using
them since 2004.  I have three cats
and one dog and it is so much more
convenient to let them stay at home
when I am away.  Not only is it
easier on me, but my pets are so
much happier and less stressed in
their own environment.  I have one
cat with special needs, requiring
twice daily insulin injections.  Many
kennels will not board animals that
require special attention, but
Sandralyn had absolutely no
hesitation.  She came over one
evening, saw how I gave the
injection and has never had a
problem.  Thanks from all of us!  
The Alonzo Family, Celina , TX
Sandralyn Faust was recommended to me by my
neighbors who used her frequently to care for their
cats.  My cats are very shy and wary of strangers.  I
was amazed they came right to her when she stopped
by to meet them.  While I miss them terribly when we
travel, I do not worry that they are being cared for
Ms. Faust.  I happily recommend her.
Sandra, i would love to give u praise.  I don't
know what we would do with out the PetNanny.
We have such peace of mind when we are away
and you are looking after our animals.  They are
our family and we know you care and give them
the safe treatment we also give. We can tell
when we come home and our pets are safe and
relaxed in there environment. Thank you and I
do tell a lot of my clients about you. Tim Taylor,
We have used VPN kennel several times.  We
think it is, by far, the best solution for us.  
Sandralyn provides such a great set-up for the
dogs.  They love being able to go in and out all
day just as they would do at home.  It definitely
is the next best thing to home.   We are so
relieved to have found you!  Thank you so
much.  Robin M. - McKinney
Great service! I have used them
multiple times and my cat was well
taken care of..
David, in Mckinney, Tx
We've been using Vacation Pet Nanny service since
we moved to Frisco over a year ago, and its been
wonderful for us and our two dogs. We know they are
in good hands when we have to be away from home.
We enjoy reading the daily notes that left outlining the
time they spend with our dogs. We would highly
recommend Vacation Pet Nanny to anyone who loves
their pets as much as we do and is in need of a
professional pet sitting service.
Terry S., Frisco
I am so thankful that I have you to count on when
we go out of town.   Because of you, we can have
peace of mind that all of our animals are well
taken care of when we are gone. From the tiniest
sugar glider to the big horse and cow, you take
care of all 40 something of our animals just like we
would. Thank you,
Grisham Farms Petting Zoo
I love Vacation Pet Nanny … and so do my pets!  The
staff responds to inquiries very quickly and is very
reliable.  If they have any questions or doubts regarding
something unusual at the house or with the cats while we
are away, they do not hesitate to contact us- which gives
us peace of mind.  I know my cats are always in good
hands when I am away and Sandralyn and her crew are
caring for them!
Ron, Mckinney, Tx
We have used Vacation Pet Nanny for years.  Our
dogs love their Nanny and are so excited when she
comes.  She has always been available when needed,
including holidays.  She has even left us notes telling
us cute and funny things our dogs have done while we
were gone.   It is great to know, as we leave on
vacation, that our dogs are going to be well cared for
while we are gone.  
Sandralyn has been a
blessing for my pets and
me. She and other
Vacation Pet Nannies
have taken care of my
cats and dogs over the
years. They are always
kind, caring and my
animals love them. I
travel frequently and
VPN is always available.  
I can’t imagine ever
having anyone else take
care of my animals.
Thank you Vacation Pet
Nanny.  Bruce Simpson –
Weston TX .
Thanks again sooooooo much.  Your service
is invaluable.   Thanks again    
Kelly-Princeton, Tx
Dear Sandralyn: Thank you so much for how well
you took care of Timber for us. I know it wasn't
easy having to give him his insulin shots twice a
day and get him to eat (Timber is a finicky old
dog) but you did both beautifully. He never would
have done well in the kennel and he probably
would have had to be hospitalized again. But
thanks to you, he did well and continues to do
well. I know that if I ever have to have him
watched again that you will do the job well and I
can go away with a clear conscience. So thank
you again and feel free to give my name out as a
reference and my email or phone number if any
future client needs to be assured. You are the
best! Take care and God Bless! Christine Wood  
P.S. Timber says hi.
Thank you so much for taking care of
our little Milkshake while we were out
of town.    It is very nice to know I
have someone I can trust to take
great care of our kitty.  We do not
need a nanny very often, but I feel
very comfortable knowing I can count
on you when we do.  Please feel free
to share this with new clients as a
Thank you again!!      Dorothy
I wanted to say Thankyou for
doing such a good job with our
dogs. They were in good shape
and very happy when we got
We will definitely be calling you
again whenever we go on a trip
and I will recommend you to all
we  know.
Thanks again,
Cathy - Prosper  -
Just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care
of Georgie while I was away (and the plants too I really
appreciate that) she looked sooo good when I got home
(I obviously need to brush her more) and was so content
I could just tell she was taken well care of. I look forward
to doing business with you and will definitely recommend
you. Also LOVED the pet diary. Once again thank you
so much!
Julie, Mckinney,
Thank you for the pics, they
turned out great.  I would like to
compliment you on the great job
you did while we were away.  I
think this was the first time we
have come home to a clean
house.  I liked your notes too.  
Thanks for your efforts.  I will
definitely recommend you and we
may need you this summer too.
Susan M (Mckinney)
Just wanted to thank you for tending to
the Morgans again while I was away.
They all did fine and it helps when I do
not have to worry about them. Talk to
you next time and have a great day!  
Jennifer Weske- Monroe -
MEMC Morgan Horses,
Romeo seemed so happy and I think
he told us that he was happy to have
so much attention while mommy and
daddy were gone.  I love your daily
notes.  Thank you sooooo much for
taking such good care of our Romeo.  
It is a great comfort to know he will
get quality attention and be able to
stay in his own home while we are
gone.  You are fabulous and Romeo
loves you.
Dawn G.  - Mckinney, Tx  
Thank you so much for taking care of our cats, mail
and plants.  You make our vacations much more
enjoyable since we don't have to worry about things
back at home.
Regards,  Bruce - Weston, Tx
The time and care Sandralyn spent with our pets
was above and beyond. It was a pleasant surprise
to find the notes from each day and learn that
time was spent with each pet brushing, picking
out the horses feet and trying to get the cats to
play! Sandra was also quick to realize one of our
horses was showing signs of colic. She spent most
her morning walking him and was able to get our
vet out immediately. If not for her quick reaction,
we could have had real trouble. It is a relief to
leave your pets in such wonderful, caring hands!
We most certainly look forward to using VPN
again. Thank you!
Laurie and Mike - Westminster -
I have been a happy client of VPN for the past 6
years or so.  Regrettably I am having to leave the
area permanently.
Thank you so much for your services over the past
several years.  I don’t know what I would have
done without having VPN in the area.
Casey C.  - Princeton
If you are looking for personalized attention
for your pets while you are away, Vacation
Pet Nanny Inc. is the company for you.  
When I left my babies in the hands of Ms.
Faust, she patiently took the time to get to
know both of their personalities in order to
provide them with the best care she could.  
Vacation Pet Nanny Inc. is affordable,
responsible, and definitely provided me the
peace of mind needed to enjoy my time
away.  I wouldn't think of using anyone else
for my pet sitting needs.
Maghan A. - Mckinney, Tx
We used to take our dogs to various kennels and
then have to deal with the guilt of the dogs
recovering from the stress and trauma of
kenneling.  Then we found the Vacation Pet
Nanny.  What a wonderful alternative to
kenneling.  Each time we have come home,
everything is in order as we left it and our boys
are not stressed but HAPPY!  We will continue to
use the Vacation Pet Nanny.... it's the best way
to go!
J and D
McKinney TX
Hello Sandra!
I found everything absolutely wonderful!  The
dogs looked great and were ready to play, play &
and Chante did a really good job and I appreciate
all the hard work and care they provided for the
four of us! :-)    Also, the pictures Dianne sent
were a welcome surprise!   So thoughtful!  I'm
having a problem with my computer, so I have not
seen the video yet.  But,'s more than I
ever expected!!  
Cheryll  (Mckinney)
LinkedIn Recommendations
Bob Coffel has endorsed your work as Director at Vacation Pet Nanny Inc..

Dear Sandralyn,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Sandralyn is the Director of Vacation Pet
Nanny, Inc. She and her staff have been looking after our pets for over a year
either during vacations or during times of need after a pet's illness while we are at
work. My wife and I could not ask for a better service. After we arrive home after
a vacation our pets act as if we never left...this is a true measure of the service and
validates the care they provide. You can not go wrong with this service and I highly
recommend them."
Year first hired: 2011 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
I can not tell you how nice it was to have The Pet Nanny take
care of my two cats while my husband and I went on a 10 day
of.  From the moment I met Sandralyn she put me at ease, that
she would care for my pets as I do.  The sheets of information
that she wanted to know about the animals up front showed me
she is for real.  Not only did she feed the cats, she played with
them, brushed them, and the best part was she took pictures
and sent them to me by phone. Texted me and let me know my
pets were fine. Pet Nanny also watered my plants and got my
mail in.  I am very happy with her service and plan to use  Pet
Nanny again in August for 5 days.
I am very happy I have found you, Sandralyn!
Sincerely,  Vicki Guthmiller
I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I
have been with your services.  Lorraine has been great.  She, in
my opinion, goes above and beyond and I greatly appreciate
that.  She seems to really love what she does and genuinely care
about CJ
Darrell T, Mckinney
We moved to McKinney back in 2006 with our dog, Gracie.  Soon we acquired two horses.  After some really bad
boarding experiences for our dog, our search for pet care led us to Vacation Pet Nanny.  What a great alternative
attention which gives us peace of mind while traveling.  We moved away from the area in 2010 and recently came
back to North Texas in August, 2013.  We were so happy to again find Sandralyn and Vacation Pet Nanny as if
we never left.  Whether planned well in advance or on short notice, Sandralyn has always been there for us.  We
are so grateful and appreciative of the care she provides.  If you are looking for outstanding pet care, there is no
one else I would recommend than Sandralyn and her team at Vacation Pet Nanny.  Thank you for all you do.  Tim
& Chris, Celina, TX
Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your service over the last
few years in taking such good care of our fur babies, Ellie and Hershey. It is with
a heavy heart that I have to say that we had to put to rest our sweet Hershey
today and as you know we lost Ellie in February.  It is so very hard to say
goodbye but we are comforted knowing that they are without pain and we will
see them again one day.
Please pass along this thank you to your sweet daughter, Loraine as well.  It was
a pleasure meeting her and I could see that she has a big heart for animals as
well.  We really appreciate and respect the service that you offer and give for so
many family pets.  Keep up the good work and I will continue to pass along your
information to anyone in need of this service(labor of Love).
Again many thanks and blessings to you and your family.
God Bless,
Paul, Tina and Brittany - Weston
Sandralyn Faust has taken care of my dogs for over
12 years and I have been totally satisfied with her
service whether it be dependability, pricing,
trustworthiness, or knowledge of pet health.

Pat ..Mckinney....2016